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German licence

Licence as medical specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. All services that are not paid by your health insurance company will be deducted in compliance with the GOÄ (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte), the German scale of fees for physicians.

Relevant medical association:

Ärztekammer Niedersachsen

Member of the " Berufsverband der Fachärzte für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie Deutschlands e.V. " (Professional association of medical specialists for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy of Germany)

Permitted to give “Balint-groups” further training:
Ärztekammer Niedersachsen since 1995

Spanish licence (Majorca)

Member of the “Colegio Oficial De Medicos De Baleares” Titulus de Medico Especialista en:

Medicina Psicoterapeutica,
Medicina General

Address of the surgery:
Paseo del Borne 15/7%C2%B0
07012 Palma de Mallorca